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Formaatti PS2
Ikäraja 7
Valmistaja Capcom
EAN 5055060922415k

Mega Man X: Command Mission, known in Japan as Rockman X: Command Mission (ロックマンXコマンドミッション), is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by Capcom for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. The game is the spin-off to the Mega Man X franchise. It was released in Japan on July 29, 2004, with releases in North America and Europe following that September and November.

Command Mission takes place in the 23rd century, when a metallic substance called Force Metal is discovered that revolutionizes engineering for Reploids, humanoid androids with human-level intelligence. When an assault on a Force Metal mining island occurs, a Maverick Hunter team led by the veteran hero X is sent out in response. Across the story, X forms a group to stand against the Mavericks who trying to use Force Metals. These characters are controlled in encounters involving parties of three characters who can use their own special techniques in order to defeat the enemeis.

The game was developed by many of the team members who previously worked on Capcom’s Breath of Fire series of role-playing games. According to the producer of Command Mission, a plot-focused role-playing game based on the Mega Man X games was created because the series is well known for its action and storyline. In order to flesh out the game, new characters were created to aid the famous X and his fellow allies. Moreover, their characterizations where altered in order to fit in this new game with a new design being created specifically for the main character.

Command Mission was met with a mostly average critical response. Reviewers generally praised its battle system, comparing it other famous role-playing games, but still felt its true potential was not taken. Meanwhile, the plot was also the subject of mixed response for its short length and lack of depth in the supporting characters. Nevertheless, Command Mission received positive sales.

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