Vabanque is a game of bluffing and risk-taking in the casino world in which players try to win the most money by choosing the right tables.
    • French, English


    •  From 14 years old


    •  30mn to 1h


  •  3 to 6 player(s)

32.90 €

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Vabanque, the new edition of Bruno Faidutti’s bluff game

Vabanque is a game of bluff and risk taking in the casinos’ world. The title comes from an expression used in an 18th century gambling game called Pharaoh, where players risked winning or losing everything: the ancestor of the “all-in” in poker.

Try to win the most money by choosing the right casino tables and setting traps for your opponents. Be greedy, but not too greedy, or you will risk falling into their own traps! Unless it was all a bluff on their part…

Do you prefer to be cautious by winning little or to try and win a lot, at the risk of being trapped by your opponents? Such is the permanent dilemma of Vabanque, THE casino game of the 2000s to discover or rediscover in this brand-new edition!


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