Arcania Complete Tale käytetty (PS4)

ArcaniA: The Complete Tale is the fourth title in the now long-running Gothic series packaged along with its standalone expansion pack.

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Formaatti PS4
Ikäraja 12
EAN 811994020284k

The first entry not from longtime series developer Pirhana Bites, the switch in developers seems to have brought a great slew of technical issues to the table and not much else. This action RPG seems to attempt the feel of a grand Bethesda-style world, but ends up just feeling linear and often broken given some of the glitches that can occur when players try to wander from clear paths. Even without the glitches, the game doesn’t offer much other than an uninspired fantasy tale along with some occasionally enthralling combat. It’s a shame, because there are some ideas in ArcaniAthat could have come together to make a much better game, but developer Spellbound wasn’t able to make good on it.

   There are problems right away with the story. After describing a greater conflict, ArcaniA drops you into the role of the protagonist living on a peaceful island amongst the world’s southern seas, where the previously described wars are raging. After some tutorial areas your typical fantasy tragedy happens and its off for revenge against the king whose army is responsible for the tragedy. Of course such a generic beginning would be forgiven if the rest of the story went somewhere, but instead the protagonist just ends up as an errand boy for the various characters blocking his progress towards the king and his revenge. The plot eventually takes some interesting turns by the end, but it’s too little too late. The voice acting doesn’t help either, as the actors fail to bring any emotion or excitement to the script at all. The game does let you skip the original game and start from the standalone expansion. However, the expansion’s story serves to tie up the loose ends of the original, so it won’t make much sense on its own. The story isn’t completely without merit as the late game shows at times, but its completely ruined by the boring beginning and middle.


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