Diablo IV: Lilith, 1000-palan Palapeli

Lilith is the most cunning demoness in the Diablo world.

Her very presence warps the minds of her enemies as well as her kin.

She participated in the creation of Sanctuary and the first nephalem. See if you can resist her influence to put together a new puzzle pattern.

24.90 €

1 varastossa


Formaatti Palapeli
Valmistaja Good Loot
EAN 5908305242970

Number of elements: 1000
Size of the finished puzzle: 68 x 48 cm
Unique, dedicated graphics from the best game developers
The highest quality 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, produced by a reputable manufacturer.
Perfect fit of the pieces
Impressive, saturated colors
Resistant to bending
Refined with a canvas effect that reduces light reflection
Reputable EU puzzle manufacturer
Box dimension – 26 x 26 x 6 cm
Number of elements: 1000

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