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Formaatti Lautapeli
Valmistaja Restoration Games
EAN 867825000321


1 Double-Sided Game Board

6 Race Car Pawns


54 cards total (standard/MtG, 63mm x 88mm)

  • 48 Speed Cards
  • 6 Power Cards

1 Pad of betting sheets

6 Driver Plaques


Fast-paced and easy to learn, Downforce offers the thrill of racing reduced to its essence. Players get their cards, bid for their cars, and the race is off. Betting during the race gives players a chance to back their favorites, even cars owned by other players. Can you get to the turn before them? Can you back the right car to collect on your bet? Every turn and every card makes a difference.



6 different player powers give each player a unique advantage.

Use your Speed Cards wisely and time your maneuver to gain the advantage.


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