G-Police käytetty (PS1) CIB

PAL, CIB, Black Label.

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Formaatti PS1
Ikäraja 12
Valmistaja Psygnosis
EAN 711719670629k

G-Police is a 1997 shooter video game developed and published by Psygnosis for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. The game spawned a sequel, G-Police: Weapons of Justice, released in 1999 for the PlayStation. This sequel received similar reviews to those of the original game. In 2007, G-Police was made available for download on the PlayStation Network in Europe.

The game has a science fiction setting, inspired by Blade Runner. The story takes place in the year 2097, on a colonised Callisto. The game charts the protagonist Slater’s attempts to discover the truth behind his sister’s mysterious death while working for the titular G-Police. The game begins with the G-Police combating organised criminals before fighting the private armies of powerful corporations in an unfolding conspiracy-themed plot. The gameplay involves piloting VTOL aircraft resembling helicopters, engaging in combat with enemies and protecting allies.

The game made use of cutting edge technology such as force-feedback joysticks and controllers, 3D sound and Direct3D Hardware Acceleration and was largely well received. Critics noted that the game’s graphics were some of the most technically impressive of the time. Overall, however, critics had mixed response for the graphics, as the demanding graphics resulted in poor draw distance; in particular, the PlayStation version struggled in this aspect. In general, the gameplay was favourably reviewed, with critics praising the solid, enjoyable missions, though there were complaints regarding a poor control system and unfairly high levels of difficulty.

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