Game Boy & Virtual Boy Anthology – Gold Edition (Kirja)

  • Game Boy & Virtual Boy Anthology Gold Edition Chapters:
  • The History of the Game Boy & Virtual Boy
  • The Worldwide Game Boy & Virtual Boy Complete Library (1070+ Games reviewed)
  • Canceled Games
  • Hardware (Game Boy & Virtual Boy)
  • The Game Boy & Virtual Boy Galaxy
  • The Accessories
  • Unreleased Games

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Formaatti Kirja
Valmistaja GEEK LINE
EAN 9782380170306


Since its launch on April 21, 1989, the Game Boy has left its mark on the history of video games. After the worldwide success of the Game & Watch and Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System in the West), Nintendo’s hardware master Gunpei Yokoi utilized his experience by designing a simple machine with undeniable advantages. Thus, the Game Boy (with 118 million units sold worldwide) became the first console to successfully democratize video games among a diverse public.

Six years later, the genius inventor leveraged this success by developing a brand-new machine that was mounted on a bipod and offered a unique two-color stereoscopic display – the Virtual Boy. This system would become one of Nintendo’s biggest failures.

The Game Boy & Virtual Boy Anthology – Gold Edition

The Game Boy & Virtual Boy Anthology Gold Edition offers a look back at the radically opposed destinies of these two consoles. When writing this Gold Edition, Math Manent (also author of N64 & GameCube Anthologies) surrounded himself with an exceptional team and set about creating the most complete books possible on both of these Nintendo platforms. This Gold Edition from Geeks-Line presents the complete catalog of both the Game Boy and Virtual Boy libraries published worldwide, cataloging 1,072 games (1,050 on Game Boy, 22 on Virtual Boy), canceled titles, accessories (including the most absurd and insane), as well as the collectors’ versions of Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Light. The hardware chapter reveals Nintendo’s technical choices and the technology used according to costs and constraints. Finally, we have included anaglyph glasses to fully appreciate the Virtual Boy’s 3D graphics!

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