GEAR4U Elite Black/Red Pelituoli

Gear4U Elite Pelituoli Musta/punainen

Tuoli on itse koottava!

Tuoli toimitetaan suoraan maahantuojan varastolta joten toimitusaika on noin 1-2vk,
jos tuotteen toimitus viivästyy niin ilmoitamme arvioidun päivämäärän tilauksen yhteydessä!

149.90 €

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Formaatti Accessories
Ikäraja 7
EAN 5713552001030

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The Elite Series kuvissa musta/valkoinen, lopussa kuva myytävästä puna/musta

Comfort that matters

This Gaming Chair is as comfortable as it gets. With it’s comfortable neck rest and lumbar support, this chair is a pleasure to sit in. Designed for gaming and long hours in front of the screen, this chair won’t let you down. However you’d like to sit you can. This chair comes with adjustable armrests and back. The back can be adjusted down to 12 degrees, if you want to take a 5 minute break in between matches.

Quality to last

This is a first class gaming chair from top to bottom. Built for maximum perfomance when it really counts. No more sore arms after a long gaming session. This chair is fitted with sturdy adjustable 2-D armrests.  The Elite Gaming chair is built on a metal frame and covered with strong and durable PU leather. It’s fitted with a class 4 gas piston and 5 wheels at the base with matte legs. This is the perfect chair for the stealth gamer.

Scroll down to see all the available colors.

This chairs dimensions; 134x52x38cm (max).

Max weight: 150kg.

Because we value great Design

We always try to make the best product we can, and this time was no different. We carefully designed the chair with the enthusiastic gamer in mind. The gamer that puts in the hours in front of the screen in his or her favourite game.

We personally know how miserable you get after long hours in the wrong chair. It’s almost unbearable and takes out the fun in gaming. With the Elite chair you don’t have to worry about your back hurting after a gaming session – you will be totally focused and in the game. The Elite offers extra support with a lumbar pillow and a neck pillow.

We guarentee

Our promise to you; you won’t regret getting the Elite. It’s a solid chair with features built for the casual user. But, if you are not satisfied with your Elite chair, we have plenty other chairs that most definetly will meet you demands. 

For returns; check with your retailer.


Available Colors


Paino 5,0000 kg

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