In Cold Blood (PS1) Platinum Boxed

PAL, Platinum, Boxed

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Formaatti PS1
Ikäraja 18
EAN 711719166825k

In Cold Blood is an adventure game developed by Revolution Software for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows in 2000 in Europe and in 2001 in North America. The player assumes the role of John Cord—an MI6 agent who is captured while on assignment and tries to figure out who betrayed him through a series of flashbacks.

After the success of the first two Broken Sword games on the PlayStation, Sony contacted Revolution Software to develop a game to be released initially on the console. Revolution wanted to move away from the style of its previous projects, making a game with a secret agent theme and set in an action environment. Director Charles Cecil stated that the game was inspired by crime films such as Pulp Fiction and The Usual Suspects. The game engine was written specifically for the title. It was released to average reviews from critics, who praised the game’s story, puzzles and graphics, but criticized its controls, action scenes and animation.


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