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Formaatti Nintendo
Ikäraja 3
Valmistaja Nintendo, Sega
EAN 5060004762668k

Puyo Pop Fever (ぷよぷよフィーバーPuyopuyo Fībā) is a puzzle video game developed by Sonic Team. It is the fifth main installment in the Puyo Puyo puzzle game series and the second Puyo Puyo game to be programmed by Sonic Team after Puyo Pop (which was released just after the series’ original developer, Compile, went bankrupt). This was the start of the ”reboot” series of the Puyo Puyo franchise, with a new plot discussing how Accord lost the flying cane. Sega, which acquired the series’ rights from Compile in 1998, published all the Japanese releases of the game, and also published the arcade and GameCube versions internationally. The game was scarcely released internationally, and certain versions were released by other publishers in those areas. Only the arcade, GameCube, and Nintendo DS versions were released in North America. Europe received all three versions plus the PlayStation 2XboxGame Boy Advance, and PlayStation Portable versions. The Dreamcast version, released exclusively in Japan, was the last Dreamcast game developed by Sonic Team, as well as the last first-party title released on the platform. It was ported from the arcade version. The Dreamcast version is the only console version to use sprites in place of 3D models.


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