Quake III Revolution käytetty (PS2)

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6 eilaista pelityyppiä, 35 haastavaa areenaa, 12 täystuhoa tekevää asetta…

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Formaatti PS2
Julkaisupäivä 03.05.2002
Ikäraja 16
Valmistaja EA Games
EAN 5030930025908k

Quake III is a PC shoot-’em-up legend, regarded by many first-person shooter fans as the king of the genre, the one with the best arenas, most heart-pounding frag-sessions and convincing computer-controlled enemy bots. The good news is that it’s finally made it to the PlayStation 2. And the even-better news is that it’s been enhanced to suit its new console home, with a newly designed single-player campaign reflecting the move, and a new four-player split-screen mode giving instant multi-player fun for a bunch of friends gathered around a single machine. The 36 levels also include many new maps, specifically designed for these two new modes of play. What hasn’t been changed is the finely balanced blasting action, the excellent range of weapons (including the chain gun, grenade launcher and famous BFG), or the beautiful creature and environment graphics. And both Deathmatch and Capture the Flag gaming is supported, along with a new Elimination variant.


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