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Formaatti GC
Ikäraja 18
Valmistaja Capcom
EAN 5055060950265k

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis[a] is a 1999 survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom originally for the PlayStation. It is the third game in the Resident Evil series and takes place almost concurrently with the events of Resident Evil 2. The player must control former elite agent Jill Valentine as she escapes from a city that has been infected by a virus. The game uses the same engine as its predecessors and features 3D models over pre-rendered backgrounds with fixed camera angles. Choices through the game affect how the story unfolds and which ending is achieved.

Resident Evil 3 was developed concurrently with Resident Evil – Code: Veronica and was conceived as a spin-off featuring a different protagonist. It was designed to have a more action-oriented gameplay than its predecessors and features a larger number of enemies for the player to defeat. It also introduces Nemesis, a creature that periodically pursues the player throughout the game and that was inspired by the T-1000 Terminator from the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Accompanied by a major marketing campaign, Resident Evil 3 received positive reviews and sold more than three million copies worldwide. Critics praised the detailed graphics and Nemesis as an intimidating villain, but some criticized its short length. Shortly after its release on the PlayStation, Resident Evil 3 was ported to Windows, Dreamcast, and GameCube with varying degrees of critical success. In particular, the GameCube version was criticized for its relatively high retail price and outdated graphics. A remake, entitled Resident Evil 3, was released in 2020.

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