Smash Up 10th Anniversary Set

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After 10 years, Smash Up is still going strong! This special 10th Anniversary celebration set comes full of new fun for your base-smashing outings. New factions, brand new Titans, a 10 year retrospective art book, an alternate format Big Base, and more! The Smash Up 10th Anniversary Set includes the new factions: Mermaids, Skeletons, and the World Champs, as well as brand-new Titans, and a reprit of the Sheep faction for those who may have missed out the first time. It also includes several great components for upgrading your game of Smash Up, such as base mats and a new Goblin token, and the all-new Big Base, and entirely new way of playing Smash Up! Ages 8+, 2-4 Players, 30-60 Mins.

  • Celebrating 10 years of Smash Up!
  • This Anniversary Set comes packed with new content and even a new way to play!
  • New factions, new titans, new ways to Smash Up! Skeletons, Mermaids, World Champions, New Titans!
  • 2-4 Players with an average play time of 30-60 minutes!


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