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Formaatti Wii
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Valmistaja Hudson
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It’s time to pack the tennis racquet, ski goggles and hockey puck and head back to Sports Island! You’ll find ten all-new sports waiting to be mastered, each featuring the uniquely intuitive controls only possible with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Whether you want a leisurely game of darts, a test of split-second timing and sword-play in kendo, or the high-octane action of motorcycle racing, there are tonnes of fun in store on Sports Island.

After creating your own unique avatar to represent you in the game, you’ll have a vast array of sporting delights to choose from. Mogul skiing, tennis, speed skating, dodgeball, petanque, ice hockey, darts, synchronized swimming, road racing and kendo are all present and correct. Specially customised control systems that make full use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk mean that whichever sport you choose, you’ll find yourself at the centre of the action. The controls are sensitive and sophisticated enough to please the most hardened sports game fan, while at the same time having the pick-up-and-play ease suited to the casual player.

Single- and multiplayer options mean that you can have a blast playing alone or join up to three other sports-crazy friends to add that competitive edge. If you just want a quick, no-frills game, the standard single player mode lets you get started with the minimum of fuss. If you’re in a more focussed, competitive mood, the League System will let you test your skills across the sporting board. And no sports game would be complete without a host of multiplayer options. In Sports Island 2, up to four players can compete in each of the sports, or take each other on in the high-stakes Tournament Mode.

The competitors and fans are gathering and the festival of sports is about to get started, so grab your passport and board the next flight to Sports Island!

  • Ten all-new sports let you test your coordination and timing to the limit.
  • Each sport boasts its own unique control system fully utilising the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
  • A range of single- and multiplayer options means there’s a mode for every occasion.
  • Fully-customisable avatars let you add your own personal touch to the proceedings.


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