Starfox Adventures käytetty (GC) CIB

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Formaatti GC
Ikäraja 3
Valmistaja Nintendo
EAN 045496960063kk

Star Fox Adventures is a 2002 action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. The game had a long development cycle starting in 1997.[2] Originally developed as Dinosaur Planet with Rare-created characters as the protagonists, Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto convinced Rare to redesign the game as part of the Star Fox franchise. Its planned release on the Nintendo 64 was cancelled, with development ultimately shifting forward one hardware generation to the GameCube.

The game was released on 23 September 2002 as Rare’s only GameCube game and as the final game that Rare developed for a Nintendo home console before being acquired by Microsoft the day after Star Fox Adventures was released in the United States.[3] The game’s story takes place eight years after the events of Star Fox 64. Players take control of Fox McCloud, who is sent on a mission to visit a planet in the Lylat System and prevent its destruction.

The game received mostly positive reviews, notably for its detailed graphics, new designs of characters including Fox, and its dynamic environments. However, the voice acting and the departure from the traditional Star Fox-style gameplay received criticism.

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