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Formaatti PS1
Ikäraja 18
Valmistaja Activision
EAN 5030917101996k

Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins[a] is a 2000 stealth video game developed by Acquire for the PlayStation. The second entry in the Tenchu series, it was published in the West by Activision and in Japan by Acquire. Tenchu 2 is a prequel to Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (1998), following the early lives of Azuma ninja Rikimaru and Ayame as they and their fellow Tatsumaru must confront a militant force called the Burning Dawn. Gameplay follows the chosen protagonist as they complete missions, the goal being to remain undetected and either avoid or silently kill enemies.

Production on Tenchu 2 began following the original’s success at the request of Activision. Originally intended as a Western exclusive, consequent adjustments were made to reduce its niche Japanese elements while also polishing the gameplay and graphics. Composer Noriyuki Asakura returned from the first game. Reaching high positions on sales charts, it saw praise from critics and was generally seen as an improvement over its predecessor. Following Tenchu 2, Activision acquired the intellectual property and shifted production to newly-formed company K2 for the next entry Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven.

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