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Trolls Remix (Switch)

Play as Poppy, Branch and more of your favorite DreamWorks Trolls as you explore, smash, dance andbattle your way towards rescuing the TrollKingdom from a melodic mastermind who’s trying to alter theTrolls’ musical harmony!

44.90 €

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Formaatti Switch
Julkaisupäivä 03.11.2023
Ikäraja 3
Valmistaja dreamworks
EAN 5060968301200

-PLAY AS THE TROLLS: Choose from your favorite Trolls including Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamondand more as you explore and journey through Troll Kingdom ina quest to save it!

-CREATE AND PLAY AS your own stylized Troll character featuring different hairstyles, facialfeatures, outfits, and more with thousands of combination possibilities!

-HAIR IS NOT JUST FOR LOOKS: Perform ‘Hair-Jitsu’ to whip your hair at enemies, twirl your hairto float like a helicopter, and use your hair to grab, carry, push, pull, throw, and smash objectsalong your quest.

-MUSICAL MINI-GAMES & CHALLENGES: Compete in rhythm-based mini-games and solve fun andchallenging environmentalpuzzles to unlock special items or new abilities.

MOVE TO THE BEAT OF THE TROLLS: The game soundtrack features music from DreamWorksAnimation’s Trolls film franchise, such as:•Get Back Up Again•Hair Up•And more!

-FULLY IMMERSE YOURSELF IN TROLL KINGDOM:Explore the wonders of your favorite Trollskingdoms from Poppy & Branch’s Pop Village, Barb’s Volcano Rock City, Cooper’s MothershipCity, and more!

-FUN WITH FRIENDS: Up to 4 players co-op local multiplayer

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