Trust: GXT448 Nixxo Illuminated Pelikuulokkeet (PC)

With an all new design, the Trust GXT 488 Nixxo combines powerful sound with a stylish look. Everything, from the 50mm drivers to the LED-illuminated sides, is created with one thing in mind: greatness.

29.90 €

10 varastossa


Formaatti PC
Valmistaja Trust
EAN 8173439240306

Make Yourself Heard
The large 50mm drivers of the Trust Nixxo provide powerful sound, making sure you hear everything that’s going on during gameplay. And because it’s just as important to be heard as well, the fold-away, flexible microphone lets you communicate with your teammates with ease.

Look the Part
With the stylish design of the Nixxo, you’ll be noticed on any LAN party or game night with your friends. The LED-illuminated sides provide this gaming headset with a unique look, while the large over-ear pads and the soft headband don’t just look great, they make the Nixxo comfortable to wear as well.

The GXT 448 Nixxo is extremely easy to use. Just plug in the 3.5mm AUX cable in your laptop and you’re good to go. By plugging in the USB cable, the LED lights are powered on, and if you need to connect the headset to a PC that uses two separate audio connections, the Nixxo comes with a Y-splitter as well. Adjust the volume and mute/unmute the mic via the integrated controller and you’ve got full control over your audio experience.

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