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Kolme Escape room tyylistä seikkailua yhdessä laatikossa.

Kaikki komponentit mukana ja hyvässä kunnossa.

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Three New Challenges

The next wave of your favorite Unlock! adventures will soon be here with three new exciting escape experiences ready to be challenged. Professor Noside returns for revenge in A Noside Story, you’ll attempt to keep train robbers away from your precious cargo in Tombstone Express, and you can help Dorothy and her friends escape the Wicked Witch of the West in The Adventures of Oz. Three brand new adventures means three new epic  challenges to take on in Unlock! Secret Adventures, coming soon from Space Cowboys!

Like the six previous Unlock! adventures, each of these new Secret Adventures captures the exciting and challenging puzzles of an escape room and brings it to the tabletop with just a deck of cards and the companion app. While the companion app counts down the time and provides hints along the way, you and a group of your (hopefully) most clever friends have to use deductive logic and reasoning to discover the solutions to escape! Containing the perfect blend of immersive theme, intricate and fluid puzzles, and just one hour to figure out the solution, Unlock! is an action packed thrill ride experience contained in a single box.

You’ve explored the House on the Hill, escaped the Nautilus, and found the treasure of Tonipal Island in Unlock! Mystery Adventures. But now, three brand new adventures wait for you to test your skills against.

A thick smoke creeps through the air. Could this perhaps be another one of Noside’s dirty tricks? Stop him before it becomes too late! Professor Noside makes his return, and it’s up to you to discover what he’s plotting and thwart his plans.

All aboard! The train you’re tasked with seeing to its destination carries a precious package. But you’ve got a hunch that this trip won’t be an easy one. Solve the puzzles and help the conductor get this cargo home before the time runs out!

Rediscover the whimsical Land of Oz with Dorothy and friends! Traverse the yellow brick road, visit the Wizard, and challenge the Wicked Witch of the West. Aid Dorothy and her friends through story driven riddles and adventure.

The Secret Adventures Are Waiting!

Use your wits and beat the clock in three all-new adventures in the Unlock! series. Look for A Noside StoryTombstone Express, and The Adventures of Oz at your local retailer in second quarter of 2018! Pre-order with your local retailer today.


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