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Fairy Tale Gloom turns up the torment and misery on well known fairy tales with a slew of modifiers and misfortunes.

The game can be played by itself, or added to any previous Gloom release.

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Formaatti Lautapeli
Valmistaja Atlas Games
EAN 9781589781580k

Let’s Face It, Fairy Tales are Awful
Giants fall from the sky. Wolves and old women eat children. Young girls break-and-enter to steal porridge from unsuspecting families.

Tell Tales of Terrible Tragedy
Fairytale Gloom is a card game about what really happens to fairy tale characters like Jack, Gretel, and Puss in Boots. Unfortunate tragedies where heroes are fooled by foxes, give up on Grandma, and cry wolf once too often.

Award-winning Gameplay with Clear Cards
Unique transparent cards stack on top of each other to make scoring easy. The points you can see are the points in play – it’s that simple!

2 – 5 players
60 minutes
Ages 13+



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